Sunday, February 26, 2017

No offense

Great instructional video on the fine art of getting offended.

H/T: Clash Daily

I'll take that million in cash, please

Some idiotic outfit is offering a million-dollar prize for the best design of a "wearable solution" to the problem of violence against women.

Here's my entry:

Sunday funnies

See the capitalist. See the capitalist eat. See the capitalist oppress the worker.

I like donuts as much as the next guy, but there are limits.

Play it where it lies...

Wish I'd thought of this: "Mom Reminds Son To Take Out Trash By Mailing It To Him".

The big, untold story of 1959: the search for the perfect pickled onion.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Is there a way they both can win?

John Perrazo at FrontPage:
It is a classic matchup that places the Democratic Party's unwavering commitment to diversity on full display: The two front-runners in this week's election for DNC chairman are a race-obsessed black hate monger and a race-obsessed Hispanic hate monger. The former is Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. The latter is Thomas Perez, who served as Assistant Attorney General in the Obama Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, and subsequently as Obama's Secretary of Labor. A clash of titans, if there ever was one.

The impartial press at work

Hey, who says the lamestream media isn't fair in its Obama coverage? Check out this hard-hitting headline: "Barack Obama Takes Daughter Malia to Broadway Show — And He Looks Incredible!"

So, there you go, h8terz!

Update: And the hits just keep coming.

The People's Republic of Oregon

What the hell's wrong with those people? Ohhh, I see. It's freakin' Portland, the San Francisco wanna-be.

In a nutshell, independent videographer and conservative gadfly, Mike Strickland, attends a protest, is surrounded and threatened by thugs, pulls a firearm - which he is legally carrying - and winds up being cited for a "menacing" misdemeanor; however, through an act of legal prestidigitation, the misdemeanor charge suddenly balloons into multiple felony charges, and the guy is now potentially facing fifty years in prison. Click on the link; I've only touched the surface of the judicial tyranny at play here.

Elsewhere, the Fourth Circus Circuit Court decides to ignore the Heller ruling in striking down a challenge to Maryland's ban on "assault rifles" and high-capacity magazines, in the course of which the judges create some new definitions and benchmarks out of whole-cloth.

You know, six years ago I had no interest in so-called "assault rifles", but crap like this is why I now own...more than one.

Update: And let's not forget California. Gun owners there are stocking up in advance of the implementation of Prop 63, the state's mind-bogglingly stupid new law that requires background checks on ammo purchases. Per a press release from the good people at Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply, "Californians are buying more ammo overall and in bigger, bulk quantities since the election".
In the two months since 2016’s General Election, traffic from California is up 50% Nationwide traffic to the site has remained relatively static for the same period.“There’s been a massive influx of California hunters and sport shooters who are stocking up in the wake of California’s new laws, no doubt about it.” Anne Taylor of Widener’s said. “There’s not just increased interest, it’s clear the gun owners who are buying are buying in bulk. We’ve seen our average order weight go up in the past couple months.”

Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Feet Friday

Some fiddle-woogie from Charlie Daniels and the boys.